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Birth Junkies

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Hello New Birth Junkie here! [Aug. 4th, 2004|12:43 pm]
Birth Junkies
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Hi, I am a 26 year old mom of 3 blessings! I am a doula, but im trying to get my certification through DONA by December or January. I have everything done except my classes. I have been interested in birth since I was 10. I always wanted to have that experience, but unfortunately I had to have sections because of these huge cysts I would get on my ovaries. My last baby was born 4 weeks early (i went into labor)and i know I could have gotten her out! She was 8 lbs even and perfect. However, i did lose my left ovary. I want four children, but I dont know if that is possible. With the fourth, if I do conceive, I am striving once again towards a home water birth. I just hope I can do that, but if I can't, I am so grateful for the three blessings that I have the pleasure of being mama to! I always wanted to be a midwife, and I do know everything about birthing a baby, but I never did go to school for it. I am a nurse, but that has nothing to do with it LOL. i worked in an OB office for a year and then I had my children. I am a SAHM, I do own a tiny jewelry business and I homeschool my children. I dont know anything about this, but is there such a thing as a lay midwife? Im sure I could birth a baby, but I dont want to do anything illegal. Im always hoping that one of my friends would have a baby and go into labor while i was there LOL! I know i could do it, its what i live and breathe for. I have to admit, im a little obsessed about births, once a friend of mine told me she was having her baby i ran over there as soon as i could, but she had already gone to the hospital and in NY they wouldnt let me in. Now im in VT and its different here with the hospital laws. I feel like if I dont have another baby or a friend doesnt have one soon im going to burst LOL! For the past 6 years, ive been having babies and breastfeeding, usually its every 2 years i have a baby. I want that now, but I dont know if that is possible. I look forward to sharing birth stories!

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(no subject) [Jul. 31st, 2004|12:55 pm]
Birth Junkies

Hello all! My name is Autumn and I just joined this community. I'm 18 and expecting my first child. I'm due on January 1, 2005, I thought that was a great due date.

I have a question though. When did you all start lactating? I've started leaking a little from my breasts, its not milk, its clear, but I don't know anything about this. Any imput is great!

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New here [Jul. 1st, 2004|10:49 pm]
Birth Junkies
Hello all. Just joined livejournal last week, so I am new to this group, but not new to unassisted birth. Septeber 21, 2002 I gave birth at home, unassisted vbac. I would just like to say if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me because it was actually my husband who suggested it to me - I was the one with fears... I like to say he converted me :-) So if anyway has questions, feel free to shoot them my way!

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Self-Intro [Mar. 22nd, 2004|05:31 pm]
Birth Junkies

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[music |blissful silence]

Hey everyone!! Just wanted to introduce myself: I'm Tiffany, 19 y.o., mother to two angels in Heaven, Aidan Shanley (6-16-02, 8 weeks gestation) and Aisling Paige (2-25-04, 6 weeks 6 days gestation). I am an apprentice midwife and will be starting a CPM course this fall. I work under a homebirth midwife in VA and I LOVE MY JOB!!! I have been pursuing this career for almost 5 years (5 on June 10 of this year), ever since the homebirth of my midwife's 3rd child, a little girl named Dara. Hope to get to know everyone, have a blessed day!!!
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Welcome to Birth Junkies [Sep. 8th, 2003|06:02 pm]
Birth Junkies

This journal was set up for those who love birth. If you've spent countless hours reading birth stories, you're probably in the right place. All birth related discussions are welcome. Enjoy!
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