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New Community... [May. 23rd, 2005|10:12 pm]
Birth Junkies


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I am currently writing my birth story and wanted to start a community for other folks to place their birth story. When I finish, I will post it. If you have a homebirth story to share, please do! Birthing your baby at home is a choice that many women either don't know they have, don't have, or are afraid of doing because of our culture's attitude towards labor.

I love hearing all birth stories. They almost always give me warm feelings. My only sadness comes when mama feels like she wasn’t given a choice of how to labor and there wasn’t anyone with her who could really advocate for her.

With homebirths, this isn’t usually a problem. I would like to read the stories of other women who have done this.

I started the community, homebirthstorie for you to share your story there.